Announcing the Cryptocurrency Security Guide from BitIRA

There’s no doubt that Americans are showing more and more interest in cryptocurrency. A recent survey from LendEDU found that Bitcoin ownership in the U.S. is just below 14%, with over 17% interested in adding it to their portfolio in the future.

One of the biggest barriers for investors to enter cryptocurrency investing is security. And that’s where BitIRA’s new guide on Cryptocurrency Security comes in; the culmination of more than 100 hours of research and development.

A leading Bitcoin IRA company, BitIRA’s 6,000+ word Cryptocurrency Security Guide offers one of the most up-to-date, useful solutions to the challenge of understanding the risks and resources of crypto-related security.

Using layman’s terms that resonate with the average investor, the Cryptocurrency Security Guide simplifies an otherwise technically challenging subject into digestible facts and figures, giving present and future cryptocurrency investors the understanding they need to invest with confidence and sleep well at night.

“This guide provides a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, whether they are just getting started or have been doing so for years,” says Jay Blaskey, Digital Currency Specialist at BitIRA. “The reality is that, in today’s climate, security must be at the fore of any crypto investor’s mind. We believe that this guide can help people understand fundamental and advanced concepts that will help them properly secure their assets.”

Tough Questions; Great Answers

Deciding to invest in cryptocurrency isn’t like picking a stock or mutual fund and calling the family broker. Smart investors are seeing the non-traditional value of cryptocurrencies but still want peace of mind that their investments will be secure when purchased.

BitIRA’s Cryptocurrency Security Guide answers common questions such as:

  •     How many types of crypto-related security vulnerabilities are there?
  •     Do I need to become a technical wizard to keep my coins safe?
  •     What is the most common type of security problem?
  •     How can I reduce the risk to my cryptocurrency holdings?
  •     What resources do I need to reduce crypto-related security risks?

In all, 10 security tactics are covered, giving readers a broad knowledge of cryptocurrency security that will educate them while alleviating any fears they may have.

Expert Opinion

BitIRA’s Cryptocurrency Security Guide is not just a collection of best practices; it also picks the brain of security expert and crypto enthusiast Isaiah Sarju. Previously published in Hackernoon and Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, Sarju is the co-owner and principal technical consultant of Revis Solutions, LLC. Sarju breaks down the risks that new traders, casual traders, and active traders will face as they move their way through the market.

Four Sections of Knowledge and Know-How

As providers of the world’s most secure Bitcoin IRA, BitIRA knows a thing or two about cryptocurrency security. Its Cryptocurrency Security Guide breaks the subject down into four key sections.

  •     Section 1: Keeping Your Cryptocurrency Safe: Before we can make our investments safe, we need to learn why it’s important to lower the risks of a hack or data loss in the first place.
  •     Section 2: Cryptocurrency Security Concepts You Should Know: Just like learning a foreign language, there are basic terms and ideas that one needs in order to grasp the key concepts to come. Consider this section your cryptocurrency encyclopedia.
  •     Section 3: Facing the Challenge of Cryptocurrency Security: Now that you’ve got the lay of the land, learn specific techniques on how to detect and avoid vulnerabilities in crypto-security.
  •     Section 4: Sources and Resources: BitIRA believes that knowledge is power and that knowledge should be shared, not hoarded. This section offers links and tips to support your future security endeavors.

More to Come from BitIRA

This guide is just the opening salvo in BitIRA’s battle against the myths and misconceptions of the cryptocurrency investment industry. BitIRA will continue delivering education and content regarding cryptocurrency security through its BitIRA U initiative.

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