CryptoSoccr: Can I Earn a Football Player Salary with this Website?

Do you ever find yourself reading blockchain articles in disbelief at the reported profits? Or, if you’re anything like me, seem to stumble across these money-making opportunities just a little too late? If, like many experts say, Bitcoin has already boomed, Ethereum smart contracts are where the future is at.

If you’re curious about being part of the growing Blockchain community,  but like me, you don’t know where to begin placing your bids, let me tell you a bit about my latest discovery: blockchain trading games, which are set to send smart contract investments soaring in 2018!

The premise is quite simple. CryptoSoccr offers its users the opportunity to own famous football players of their choosing from around the world. With only one contract for each football player available, you could be the next proud owner of your favorite football star. How long will you be able to hold onto him? Well, that’s where the rewards get interesting and the fun begins!

My Blockchain Journey from Skeptic to Profit

Perhaps it’s just that I’m getting old, and the grandpa side of my personality is pushing to the surface, but when I first heard about Ethereum trading games, my skeptical mind switched on, and my initial reaction was “What’s the point?”. I mean, surely such things are as ludicrous as buying and naming a star in the sky to impress your partner for Valentines Day? Or buying a plot on the moon because… well, just because! Then, after a little bit of research and digging around, I realized there’s actually quite a bit more to these games than I first thought.

There is a subtle combination of key factors which make such games so appealing and almost addictive, not to mention profitable. The fact that there is only one smart contract per football player creates collectibility and demand. The bidding (and outbidding) element of the game creates the tension, joy, and frustration almost comparable to watching your own team play. Then, there’s the setting: few sports in the world can claim such a wide, loyal and devoted fanbase!


My successful trial run on CryptoSoccr

Not afraid of putting my money where my mouth is, I stayed in one night, deciding to put the cash I would have traded for liquid in the pub towards a controlled test run. The results were surprising, even to a non-believer like myself! 6 hours and 5 transactions later, I had successfully owned a few lower league players, and even managed to get my hands on Daniel Sturridge! The glory of that moment was short-lived though, and he had been snatched from me in less than a minute! The 20 Pounds I had started with, in the space of one evening, had snowballed into a whopping 296. In the future, I will keep a closer eye on the game and purchase as quickly as possible!

So, How Exactly does a Football Players’ Smart Contract Work?

Through [Ether] tokens you can instantly and easily select and buy exclusive ownership of any football player. As soon as someone else matches the price you paid for your chosen player, they snatch and take ownership of the Smart Contract. While you cannot prevent others from doing this, do not fear for, although your ownership is lost, you are rewarded with anywhere up to double the price you paid in the first place! With no limit on how many players you wish to purchase, and with the option to snatch back player’s Smart Contracts, real fans now have an opportunity to make their passion and knowledge of the game really count. The ease and speed with which your money can grow is truly mind-blowing.

The Greatest Game on Earth Just Got More Interesting!

Perhaps you’ve already heard about similar blockchain games? It’s a trending global craze which is really kicking off. Recently I’ve been watching with increasing interest Cryptocelebrities, a site whose popularity and activity has been steadily growing day by day. Where, within a mere matter of weeks, people around the world are now paying thousands of pounds for a chance to own such smart contracts. Just imagine, with CryptoSoccr, you could be among the first to buy or snap up some of football’s leading world superstars! Whether your heart is set on Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Harry Kane, you could be one simple click away from having their instant smart contract, and then doubling up on your investment!

My Conclusion: Get Involved with Smart Contracts at the Very Beginning!

While initially, the price of the football smart contracts might be low, with each purchase they will rapidly escalate in value. Here’s your chance to streak onto the pitch at the very start of the game, at the head of the competition, and watch your investments skyrocket!

Get ready and don’t waste any time, the game is only getting started!

Perhaps we will find ourselves fighting over the same football star in the near future?

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