Arcana Wallet – A Foolproof Wallet That Makes Managing Your Cryptos Really Easy

The cryptocurrency markets are becoming increasingly attractive for traditional investors who are looking for new industries to invest in, different ways to diversify their fiat portfolios, and for speculators that want to make small investments in some of the major cryptocurrencies.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, you have likely discovered how challenging it can be to find a wallet to store your tokens, which basically equates to storing your private keys. Whether you are storing them in a hardware wallet, or online in one of the major exchanges, the idea of managing all of those keys between the different storage methods is a huge headache and highly susceptible to human error.

And if you just bought Bitcoin for the first time, there’s always that fear that you’ll somehow lose your key and your entire investment in the process. The idea of being solely responsible for a key that is worth several thousands of dollars isn’t something that most new crypto investors want to think about.

It may seem easier to store your cryptos on the popular exchanges, but this isn’t always the safest option. The other alternative, hardware wallets, may seem safer, but they are prone to human error.  In addition, hardware wallets can be expensive and they are hard to use. So where do you go from there?

Arcana Wallet – A Reliable Custodial Wallet

Arcana Wallet is designed for cryptocurrency investors that want a wallet that can safely store their tokens without the risks of managing it themselves. It’s an innovative custodial wallet that simplifies the cryptocurrency storage process and stores your tokens for you in a safe and secure environment.

Any tokens stored in an Arcana Wallet are secured using the platforms detailed encryption systems and distributed cold storage. We understand how important security is and we have worked hard to build what we believe is the safest custodial wallet on the market.

Main features of Arcana Wallet

  • Liquid cold storage is made possible using net-gapped machines.
  • Trackable portfolio performance
  • A simplified solution that removes human error from the equation.
  • Removes barriers to entry and makes token management easy.
  • Allows investors to safely invest in cryptocurrencies.

Distributed Cold Storage

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies, you may have heard of the term cold storage.

 – What is cold storage?

Cold storage refers to any form of storage that isn’t connected to a public network.

The most common forms of this include printing out private keys on a piece of paper, USBs, dedicated hard drives, laptops with their network card removed, and other dedicated hardware that cannot connect to the Internet.

While cold storage is favored by crypto-nerds, it does have several notable disadvantages. For some, the thought of storing all of your cryptos on a USB or hard drive is scary – and rightfully so. And while experienced investors will tell you that you can split up your tokens and store them on multiple USBs and hide them around your house. This is not that different from stashing cash in your mattress and in your ceiling.

After all, what happens if the USB gets corrupted, if the hard drive you’re using stops working, or if you misplace your USB and seed phrases while cleaning?

You lose your investment.

You never have to worry about this with Arcana Wallet because we offer distributed cold storage over a secure network as our infrastructure. Currently, Arcana is completely compliant and insures up to US$10,000 worth of your assets.

We offer cold storage services using Net-Gapped Machines. In simple terms, these are computers that are never connected to the public Internet and require other computers in our private network to pass a series of encryption tests to access the tokens that are stored on our network.

 – What does this mean for me?

  • The ability to monitor your cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • You will have peace of mind about storing your crypto.
  • This greatly reduces human error as your keys are stored in a wallet that is secure, easily accessible, and user-friendly.
  • You never have to worry about managing multiple keys as you can safely store them all in your Arcana Wallet.
  • It provides you with all the convenience you need to invest in cryptos.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies with Arcana Wallet

As a traditional investor, cryptocurrencies provide you with a new opportunity to invest in an industry that is rapidly developing. Unlike other mature industries, you have the chance to be a part of that growth story.

With your traditional investments, you like being able to track your performance. Arcana Wallet allows you to track the performance of all of your cryptocurrencies, making it a great wallet for you to store your tokens as they appreciate in value.

A Custodial Wallet That You Control

Arcana Wallet was designed specifically to provide a safe and error-free cryptocurrency experience for newer crypto investors. Even though you may have experience in traditional investing, cryptocurrencies have a steep learning curve and we’ve worked hard to remove those barriers to entry.

We believe that wallets should be treated as a functional tool to allow you to store and move your cryptocurrencies as you wish, not a vault. While our users can treat their wallet like a vault if they wish, we enable you to make that choice for yourself and provide you with the convenience that comes with liquidity.

A Safer Crypto Experience

Newer, prudent, crypto investors often find it difficult enough just to understand the complexities of cryptocurrencies; let alone storage systems and all the technical details that make this industry unique.

Arcana Wallet is a custodial wallet that makes it easy for you to store your tokens. With our wallet, you get all the benefits of cold storage with almost none of the disadvantages.

And as you get more experienced and start investing in other tokens, you can easily add them to your Arcana Wallet. You’ll never lose your keys because our wallet can safely store them all.

Whether you are an experienced traditional investor looking to diversify your portfolio, or you just want to speculate on a cryptocurrency, Arcana Wallet makes that possible through our safe and secure token storage wallet.

We give you the convenience you need to get exactly what you want out of your cryptocurrency investments. With our wallet, you can easily experience the cryptocurrency markets on your own terms. And more importantly, we make it possible by reducing the barriers to entry for new investors through the use of our custodial wallet.

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