BitMEX XBTUSDT (Long) 15m 60m and 240m

Entry: 8236 USD
TP1: 8588 USD (Remove 50% of your positions and profits and Stops to Break Even)
Trigger Price (TP2): 8858 USD or 8970 USD Targets are tentative, I will update according to the momentum.
Stop Loss and Liquidation Price: 7579 USD
Actual Position Size: 1% Risk on Capital/ (B.P-SL) for Long and 1% Risk on Capital/ (SL-BP) for Shorts
Leverage Position Size: (1%*Total Capital)*Leverage = Stop Loss (Adjust your leverage equals to your SL)
Profit and Loss %: 9.19% and 6.14%
R/R: 1:5

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